Event management and planning

The event planning industry hosts numerous job titles and job descriptions. Events planner. Meeting Planner. Event coordinator. Convention Planner. Event manager. The list seems endless. As the industry grows, the list of work functions also grows. While job growth is always a good thing, job functions for event planning for those starting in the industry.

It is equally frustrating for experienced professionals who are confronted with customers who misunderstand the services offered.

“Event management” and “event planning” are often thrown around interchangeably, even though they are two very different things. Quite simply, planning and management are not the same thing. they are two distinct functions. Create problems for those who care about customers who mistakenly think they need an event manager when an event organizer is needed. And for those customers who have the impression that all event managers also manage event planning. So let’s clear up the confusion because it’s important that you and your customers have the same understanding.

Event planning

Let’s start with event planning . The key word here is planning . All events – from wedding showers to milestone birthday celebrations to large corporate gatherings – begin with a plan of some sort.

 from the earliest stages of the concept and continues through to the actual event. for a few weeks after the event, while the event planners summarize the details and manage the follow-up articles.

Event planning working closely with the client to design an event that reflects the customer’s vision of the gathering and that meets the purpose of the event. Customers who hire an event planner hire someone to plan all aspects of the event, including related details and actions, and to see that event until it is completed.

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